The_Romans_2Ivan Roman is a revivalist, prophetic teacher, and  senior leader of Empower Church and Training Center in  Medford, Oregon.    With  over a decade of ministry experience  his heart is to God’s power and Kingdom advanced  through intimate friendship with God.    He carries a Father’s heart for the body of Christ and a deep passion to see the church rise up in to the fullness of her calling.    Ivan and his wife Erica serve together at Empower Church and have three energetic, little boys, Isaiah, Aren and Ezra.

About – A Friend of God Ministries

A Friend of God Ministries was birthed out of a prophetic experience that took place in Homer, Alaska where Ivan saw the Lord in a vision, stand in front of him and place a brown mantle around his shoulders and said,” Today I call you My friend”.This encounter has led Ivan and his wife Erica in pursuit of a deeper friendship with the Lord. Ivan and Erica travel the nations and share on friendship with Jesus and the meetings are often accompanied by a greater passion to know God and a demonstration of the supernatural through the operation of the gifts of the spirit.

Vision & Mission Statement

Ivan Roman, and his wife Erica, have been commissioned by the Lord to impart to an entire generation, a spiritual hunger that cries, “There has to be more!” They desire to equip a generation to walk with God in intimate friendship—teaching that heaven is our home now, and we can experience as much of God as we want.